Friday, October 16, 2009

The St. Peter's Glee Club Seton Chorale Reunion is now a memory

I am still on a high from the reunion which took place on Oct. 10th, in the gymnasium of St. Peter's High School for Boys. It was wonderful to see my classmates and friends. The guys all looked distinguished with their grey/white hair, while we ladies surely are keeping Clairol in business! Despite all the years that past since we saw each other, we all picked up like it was only yesterday. I have pictures of the evening on my Facebook page, and there are youtube videos of us all singing. The evening was a once in a lifetime event and I am so grateful to my sister and brother in law for making it possible for me to attend. The smile has not left my face yet.

I Believe/Ave Maria

Boys Alma Mater

Girls Alma Mater

Pics from the reunion

more pics of reunion

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pat the WiseWoman

Sent to me by a dear High School friend Louise. What was I thinking with that blouse?