Sunday, December 07, 2008

Graphite Sketches in Large Moleskine

I wanted to preserve this sketchbook for pen, but as you will see it isn't working out that way.

Waiting room sketch...decorations

Tribal masks in graphite, unfinished

Another waiting room sketch seasonal decorations Halloween, Autumn
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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Waiting room sketches & EDM challenge 199

I know I must seem obsessed with Madonna since I went to the concert. I thought I was jaded, after all, I had been to big concerts before, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and, back in the day, Barbra Streisand in Central Park. So I was somewhat surprised that the concert has had such an effect on me. I really enjoyed it, I could have done without the pelvic thrusts and simulations of sex, but all in all, it was a great experience.


I was just settling into a nice sketching session when I was called in for my examination. This was not what I had planned, but I finished it when I got home.
EDM #199 was fun, but again, I am struggling with pen drawing. I hope I start to see some improvement soon.


This is a little local restaurant, we usually don't have to wait to be seated, but our timing was off and we were at the dinner rush. This was done looking through the window while we waited outside for a table. Finished at home with w/c
A little story about this restaurant. The owner had advertised in the local churches, supermarkets and had a sign on his door for several days that he was giving Thanksgiving dinners away for free all day Thanksgiving. He cooked 43 turkeys, and all of the fixings....he had a handful of people come in to take advantage of the opportunity. This poor guy froze as much as he could, I don't know what he did with the rest of the leftover food. You wouldn't think in these tough economic times that you would have trouble giving away a Thanksgiving dinner. It is so ironic.

This sketch represents decorations in the waiting room of a facility where my husband was having a PET scan done. I experimented with stippling for shading, and cross hatching. I put the w/c in at home, and used water soluble graphite pencils for the shadows. I am struggling with pen, but I keep at it hoping to see some improvement.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sketching in public

The sketchbook postings below were started in the stadium waiting for Madonna to take the stage. While waiting, I attempted to sketch the stage, and the polarized scoreboard icons of Madonna. The young lady seated next to me, asked me if I was writing a book when she saw my moleskine. I told her no, just trying to sketch what I was seeing. Thank goodness she was not more curious to see just exactly what I had done so far.
I never considered myself a big Madonna fan, but I have to tell you, when she finally arrived (2 hrs late) she performed non-stop. No intermission, no real costume changes, she was on the stage for the whole 2 hours, and was either dancing, jumping, jumping rope, alone and double dutch, working out like a boxer, playing electric guitar, all the while singing live. No lip synch, this was the real thing. Her body is incredibly toned and shaped. Her arms, legs and hands are sinewy. There is not one ounce of fat on her (I could hate her for that alone)! This woman is 50, and performs like a teenager as far as energy. She amazed me. I wasn't all that familiar with some of her songs, but she managed to work in some of her old hits, and the whole show was thoroughly entertaining. I may just have to download the new album "Hard Candy".

What I did the day before Thanksgiving




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