Sunday, December 07, 2008

Graphite Sketches in Large Moleskine

I wanted to preserve this sketchbook for pen, but as you will see it isn't working out that way.

Waiting room sketch...decorations

Tribal masks in graphite, unfinished

Another waiting room sketch seasonal decorations Halloween, Autumn
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Anonymous said...

Hello Trish - have just been enjoying your blog. I do like the way that you used stippling for shading - makes the shadows look interesting.
I have teasels growing in my garden, although lots of people think they are weeds and they seed themselves quite swiftly! However, the seed heads feed the birds later in the year and they are also used as festive decorations, sprayed with silver and gold paint. Perhaps that is done in your part of the world as well?
I see that you are practicing drawing cups! I am trying to improve my elipses - I need to practice more.

Anonymous said...

You are very talented! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Indigo said...

Hi Trish ... the picture the cat walked on (and caused her permanent banishment from the studio) was done with Faber Castell Pitt pens. Supplies are limited here in Israel (no Dick Blick darn it!); I found them a couple of years ago and started carrying them around all the time. I'm very comfortable sketching with them. For her body, I used a round brush and a bottle of India Ink.

I've recently found nibs and have begun experiments with them.

trish said...

thank you! I know I am too hard on myself-it's a hard habit to break but I'm trying:)
love your sketches, especially the pumpkin/scarecrow one-see, I love how you sketch everything! I never take mine out of my purse cause I don't want anyone to see me and look-but must get over that too, cause I definitely want to start sketching outdoors soon!
hope you have a great week, and that we chat again soon

BMoon said...

Lovely little sketches.....esp love the mugs....Aren't mugs fun? I think I'll be drawing them even 30 years from now, always a challenge, such a huge variety, and just move the handle right or left an inch and you've got a whole new challenge.

Wendi said...

Hi Trish! I recently joined the EDM group. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really enjoy your sketches, and your blog. It is very inspiring, and I appreciate you sharing your work.

Jules said...

Aargh! I am full of envy that you are able to journal like this in oyour book!!! great fun!

Kim Saxe said...

HI Trish,

I'm enjoying seeing your work. I love the tribal masks and your faces are GOOD!


Arteefaque: (är'tə-fākt') * said...

You inspire me!

Arteefaque (Australia)

kazumiwannabe said...

Cool work! Especially love how you did the cups with their shadows, and the masks.

Peachtreeart said...

I've just checked out your blog...again, read through them, checked out your followers and I have to admit, I really love this blogging thing. I'm a loner, besides my son and BF and his married couple friend, I have no one else in my life in ID, so it is like having friends when I blog. I'm waiting to go back to school in Jan. and I think I would go stir crazy if I didn't have the EDM group and blogs. I appreciate that you put so much of yourself and your life in your blog. There are people out in the world like me who benefit from the fulness of your life!

Anonymous said...

Your sketches are so charming and full of life! You make really good use of that Moleskine indeed!

purplepaint said...

Hi Trish - I love your sketches!!! Can't wait to see more of them! Marva

Carol said...

Great sketches. I love your idea of using the same cup in different mediums.

Rachel H said...

Love the pumpkins - great shading!

I know what you mean about deciding to save your Moleskine for pen then changing your mind, I went through exactly the same thing! You've got to USE it though haven't you? They're born to be drawn in. :)

MILLY said...

Your pencil work looks good. My old art teacher always told me, the more drawing you do the better you become. Trying different pens, pencils,inks and paints, is all helpful, then in time you get a feel for what you like using best.
Edm is a great place to see other peoples work and ideas, enjoy it.
Thanks for your message. Eileen

Anonymous said...

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