Friday, September 24, 2004

As promised news

Just to let you know, Karen has started her new job on Wednesday. She called on her morning break and on her one hour lunch hour. She is very enthused and so far, likes the job. She is shadowing a girl who is teaching her the job. Yesterday, the girl left her to do some work on her own, Karen was very excited about that, she actually got to process stuff on her own.
Wednesday night we went up to visit her, we gave her one of those Italian expansion bracelets that you add links/charms to. We hoped it would bring her good luck in her new position. We went out to dinner, to a place she had eaten at previously, and everything that could, did go wrong. She and Merle ordered Salmon, and as Karen described it, it was "fish stick" sized. They both ordered baked potatoes all the way, and they were not cooked, hard as a rock. When they brought this to the server's attention she offered them a replacement of garlic mashed potatoes. They arrived, and they were cold. Karen was mortified, she kept apologizing to us, but of course, it wasn't her fault. We had a talk with the manager and she adjusted the bill by 20%, but I don't think we will be eating there again any time soon.
Karen called us last night, she is doing really well in school and scored a 94 in Anatomy. She had a math test last night, which she thinks she did ok in.
As for Merle and I, I have been busy painting, and I finished a project I started a while ago at my sister's home, a cute napkin holder, a bird house scene with potted African violets on either side. Merle, my greatest source of encouragement, says it looks great.
Merle has been tuning up his computer, it has been running a bit slow, so he did some maintenance on it. In between his usual court programs on TV, he has been doing some word puzzles and crosswords, keeping those brain cells alive and functioning.
Well, tomorrow, we are going to "Stop and Play" to celebrate my Godson, Mikey's sixth birthday. I can't believe he is going to be six! The time has flown by, and he is in regular school now.
I will stop here. Best to leave more for another posting.

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