Saturday, November 12, 2005

I got two comments on my last post, Hooray!

I read in the tech news how popular blogging is, but I think it must be younger folks who are participating the most or politically active people. Since I am not in the former group I definitely am in the latter group.
As I mentioned in my post "its been a year!", many things have happened. I won't bore you with all of the details but instead tell you the latest happy news. We travelled to Hot Springs Arkansas and bought a male Japanese Chin puppy. He is adorable. I originally was going to get a female but with an eye to the future, I was not crazy about her markings. I chose a sable and white male, which I named "Mieko" which means "Bright" in Japanese. The name really fits him. He has caught on to going outside to do his business, and when we do not pick up on his hints that he has to go outside, he uses the "wee wee pads" which are a housebreaking aid. I had forgotten how much fun it is to have a puppy in the house. He is full of energy, and so far, our toy poodle Peppi is just tolerating him. I am sure in a little bit of time they will be best buddies.
Today is my husband's birthday, he is 79 today. Our daughter came home this weekend to celebrate his birthday with him. We were all supposed to go out to see "Finian's Rainbow" which is being put on by the local community theater, but the day before yesterday, my hubbie fell and he is still pretty sore.
I will close for now, I want to save some news for another post.


Karen said...

Hi There,

It's only your kid here, rootin' around your blog.... Me likes it, me likes it!!! Very cool....

I miss you....


Wayne's Mom said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I keep a search for "Hot Springs, Ark.," on, just to see who's saying what about our town. Yours popped up today.

Until my husband got transferred to Hot Springs three years ago, I thought Arkansas was mostly about huntin' and fishin' and the wonderful outdoor life. But that's only the beginning!

We were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of hidden gems here in our new home town. For example, as professional cellist who used to live only three hours away, I was shocked to learn of the first-rate Hot Springs Music Festival, an annual event that attracts 200 pre-professional classical and jazz musicians from around the world.

(Note: Although I am a travel writer and public relations professional, I am not paid to promote our city nor any of the properties or events I've listed. These are just our personal favorites!)

Ours is a unique demographic here in Hot Springs, where the median age is 42. A healthy percentage of us have incomes of $100K or more, and we support 12 championship golf courses and 27 non-profit organizations directly related to the visual and performing arts. Having hosted a Historic District Gallery Walk the first Friday of each month for nearly 16 years, Hot Springs was recently named #4 Art Town in America.

There are definitely other great things to do in addition to the Hot Springs Music Festival, held the first two weeks of June each year. Early September brings the annual Bluesfest and Hot Springs Jazzfest.

By late October, the city swells with nearly 20,000 people for the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, one of four preliminary sites for the Academy Awards in the documentary category.

From January through April, hotels and restaurants are booming with racing fans at Oaklawn Jockey Club, a 102-year-old thoroughbred racetrack.

Cradled by the Ouachita Mountains, three pristine lakes lure the likes of FLW Bass Fishing Championships. a breathtaking bounty of botanical beauty known as Garvan Woodland Gardens. is located on a 210-acre peninsula of Lake Hamilton.

Our particularly outstanding accommodations include Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, one of only three Arkansas inns listed on the Select Registry. Many folks enjoy the convenience of Embassy Suites Hot Springs, an all suite hotel adjacent to Summit Arena, was ranked #1 Embassy Suites worldwide for 2004. You'll find adult locals politely congregating in the atrium around the piano bar during happy hour.

Looking for lunch? For eclectic urban cuisine, check out the award-winning Cafe 1217, recently featured as one of the best deli's in the country on The Food Network!

Best of all, Hot Springs is packed with people who understand hospitality. Sure, we have attractions. But without the people who live here, we'd be a ghost town instead of a resort town.

Local people. Local events. Hot Springs' REAL attraction.
Come see us often!
Rebecca McCormick, Executive Editor
Hot Springs Life & Home magazine

Executive Editor, Hot Springs Life & Home and Wayne's Mom

Anonymous said...

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