Sunday, November 23, 2008

EveryDayMatters Challenges #198&194

i just wanted to add, I have been trying to learn to draw in graphite for the last couple of years, so posting in my journal with Pen and watercolor is very new to me.


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Waiting... said...

These are great!
I am so sorry that your daughter got so sick. Glad that your dog was safe and sound.

Kim Saxe said...

Yes, I am also so sorry that your daughter got sick. I would say, "Go ahead and eat Thai poisoning doesn't usually come on rght away. Hope she is well now.

And I am SO glad that your dog returned. That must have been very stressful.

I love reading your journaling and looking at your drawings.
Best, Kim

Luba said...

Those are both scary things to go through. You've captured the moments very well in your journal. Hope all is calm again!

Margaret Ann said...

Black rice and coconut ice cream...MmmmMmmmMmmm!

I hope your daughter feels better...I used to be a long time headache sufferer...I can empathise with her pain.

Nice journal spread...keeep up the good work! :)

pavinee said...

I really feel sorry for your daughter and hope she 's OK by now.

I'm not sure whether your daughter's allergic to some ingredient or the food wasn't cooked properly. As I'm a Thai, I can only say that there's more wonderful taste waits for you so...don't give up on Thai food!

By the way, I like your spread. The laying of text with a couple of drawings here and there reminds me of reading a book. Love this feeling!

And thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Alison said...

Drawing in pen is a bit scary, but I think not erasing adds a wonderful quirkiness to people's drawings.

Monette Satterfield said...

I like your pages - especially with the little spots of color to catch the eye.